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What is IPhone

An Internet-enabled smartphone developed by Apple. The iPhone combines mobile phone capabilities with a wireless Internet device and an iPod into one product. The iPhone also includes a 3.5-inch multi-touch screen (4-inch Retina Display on the iPhone 5), rather than a keyboard, that can be manipulated by users with by two finger touches. The iPhone runs on a special version of Apple's Mac OS X operating system.

6 Week Course

  • Overview of Platform and Tools
  • Objective-C language
  • foundation Framework
  • Cocoa Touch framework
  • Running Apps on real devices
  • Windows,Views and View
  • Controllers
  • UIControls and TableView
  • Interaction With Web Services
  • Minor Project

6Week+ 6Month Course

  • Using Delegates
  • Views Programming
  • Using Interface Builder For UI
  • Different Techniques for XML parsing
  • Using SQLite database
  • Using UIWeb View
  • Interacting With Facebook/Twitter
  • Sending Emails
  • Handling Gestures
  • Working with Camera and Sounds
  • NSTimer and thread Programming
  • Introduction To Game Programming
  • Project